Who We Are

Rudy and Marie-Ann de León. My wife and I have served the Lord together in various capacities and ministries for over 34 years. For this we are extremely grateful to the Lord that He has given us a mind and a heart to be united in His call. Today, our call is to assist in the physical construction of churches in the African continent.

The Call

God’s call to us came to in 2012 after having traveled to Ghana, West Africa. It was there that we realized that the shortage of Christian church houses in that country is overwhelming. Shortly after, the Lord summoned us through our organization, Peace Ministries Intl. (PMI) for us to dedicate and commit in assisting in the building of churches not only in that country but also where the needs flourish in other parts of Africa.

Presently, we are gratified to have help in the construction at four locations in Ghana. Our next project is presently taking place in Senegal, West Africa, where we traveled with strong missionary friends and saw the need to build various churches. There is also the possibility of other projects mainly in the Republic of Kenya, where ample opportunities have recently developed, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, South Sudan, Liberia and South Africa.

Marie Ann and I would be humbled and privileged if you would partner with us in this most important call for the Kingdom of the Lord.

Our Associations

We now enjoy the many contacts that have been created over the years. Among them are many ministries around the world with whom we maintain excellent relationships based on mutual trust and respect. Some of them are:

Cecilia Pezet Blanchet, Ministerios de Amor en varias ciudades de México

Sergio Zubillaga, Ministerios Apostólicos Buenas Nuevas, Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, Islas Canarias, España y Ghana, África occidental

Manuel Tijerino, Latin University of Theology

April Belt, Miracle Minded Ministries, Woodland Hills, California

Mel Ayres, In His Presence Church, Woodland Hills, California,

Brian Morehead, Rocky Peak Church, Chatsworth, California

A Story of Determination — from Child-Runaway to Founder of an International Missionary Ministry and University.

I was 10-years old, living in Guatemala when I became aware of the United States. Very rapidly, my desire to go to the U.S. was set in my mind. I started dreaming and figuring-out how I was going to be able to make my dream come true. At the time, my father visited the U.S. and told the family about the great and beautiful things he saw and experienced in the U.S.A. Nobody knew what his stories and what I saw in the movies meant to me. I was ready to go.

At age 12, I ran away from home and headed north, only to be apprehended by the Mexican Immigration Authorities. Briefly detained in the local jail (among thieves, murderers, and prostitutes), I was deported back to Guatemala. All this letdown meant to me was that I had to try it again. The following year, I ran away again, only to fail in my new attempt but not in my persistence to succeed. No one could understand my determination.

Why didn’t I wait to be of age and get a passport? It turned out that I had to wait. At age 16, I was able to get a passport, a U.S. Visa and a free ride in a cargo plane. When I landed in Miami, I felt that I was the happiest person on earth to have arrived in this country. My first job in my dream country was as a dishwasher but I knew that I did not come to wash dishes. I soon discovered that without a proper education, I would be unable to see the world and I would be destined to disappoint my dreams. I could not accept that.

Later in my life, I accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as my only Savior; He changed my life forever and gave motivation, hope and vision. I married a wonderful, supportive wife, went back to school and earned a Bachelor in Vocational Education from the California State University, Long Beach a Master of Arts in Education, a Master and a Doctorate degrees in Pastoral Theology from the Latin University of Theology. I worked 26 years and retired from a respectable career with the Los Angeles Unified School District, became ordained as a Christian Minister, worked as Coordinator/Director of the Latin University of Theology; I was named President of a large international ministry based in Mexico. Subsequently, Founder and President of my own International Christian University presently serving several countries in three continents. Today, I am an overwhelmingly happy church builder in the African Continent.

My life experiences have taken me from modest beginnings to international success. I know that the future belongs to those who prepare for it and God in his infinite mercy has helped me to achieve the dream — my dream.


Rudy de León