Row, Row, Row Your Boat – to Church!


Imagine having to pack your family into a small canoe and row several miles just to make it to church. The island near Akosombo, Ghana had no church of their own until Peace Ministries heard about their plight.

Ghana has such a high percentage Christian population, and their passion for the Lord is unmatched. When you witness their zeal it’s not hard to get passionate about making their way a little easier.

Peace Ministries helped in the construction of a local church where they are presently meeting. There is no longer a need to row their way to worship services in the mainland City of Akosombo.


The assembly in now experiencing healthy growth and the residents are so grateful for the things we take for granted every day.

This story reminds me of how passionately the Lord talked in Luke 15:4 about the lost sheep. It’s such a blessing to see his people seeking him with the same heart.

Peace Ministries has now sent funds to purchase a land parcel to build another church in Akosombo. We look forward to visiting the community again soon.

Do you want to help Peace Ministries build churches in similar communities in need? Click here and find out all the ways which you can be a blessing.

Rudy de León

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